About Mister Greenway

Whitney Greenway

The Story

I was daddy’s youngest girl — and the son he never had. We were two peas in a pod.

As early as I could walk and talk, I’d go on jobs with him and hand him tools.

At home, we’d watch Westerns together.

By nine I was working IN the business cleaning toilets, until I moved up to dispatch by eleven.

At thirteen, Dad and I were installing a new AC at my grandparent’s when he handed me the system schematics and told me: “Wire it up”

And I loved it. I love this business.

In fact, I’m why people call dad “Mister Greenway.” ‘Cause I couldn’t say “Dad” at work, and no way was I gonna call him Whit.

Yet I always knew I wanted to do what Daddy did, in exactly the way he did it. He was the cavalry, riding to people’s rescue whenever they had a home emergency.

That’s why I renamed the company from Greenway to Mister Greenway. And why I guarantee to get the cavalry on their way in under 30 minutes whenever you call

Mister Greenway’s Promise

You won’t ever have to wait for help when you have a plumbing, heating, or AC emergency — cause we’ll scramble help on the way to you in under 30-minutes.

Forget same-day replacement of water heaters, or clog busting, or AC repair. We’re talking usually same-hour, or sooner, depending on traffic.

Our People

We have a simple formula that always works: Work shoulder to shoulder with great people, have customer’s backs.

And that’s our secret. It’s how we get people to you so fast — on their way in under 30 minutes: we have a hiring edge, so we can always have enough great people to scramble one to you whenever you call in the cavalry.

So if you’re here and you need help, the cavalry is only a phone call away.

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